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Earthquake: A “Natural” Disaster; Let’s Get Over This Disaster with Solidarity All Together! Let’s Send the Disaster of Capitalism to the Dumpster of History All Together!

Thousands of people lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured because of two major earthquakes around 7.8 and 7.6 magnitudes and all of its severe aftershocks, the center of which was Maraş (a city in Nord of Kurdistan) but affected many cities. Footage of the dimensions of the disaster are coming from many social media sources and the press. People who were helplessly caught in the earthquake at 4:00 in the morning and all the living beings that have been affected by the ongoing ‘’concretization’’ are in the grip of death and trauma. In the middle of February and snow cold, thousands of people under the rubble are waiting and trying to be rescued through writing their addresses on various social media platforms. What every person who has a conscience needs to do today is to offer physical and material assistance to people and living beings struggling to survive under the rubble of this catastrophe. Solidarity and cooperation are key in such processes to save more lives and to take care of the injured. 

As a fundamental truth, natural disasters are a part of the planet we live under, and humanity will have to cope with these disasters no matter what system it is under. Another and decisive fundamental truth is that capitalism, which is the current worldwide way of organization of humanity, adds unnatural consequences to such natural disasters. Despite all the calls from many scientists, the reason for the non-stop constructions on the earthquake fault lines is the profit-centered organization form that rises from this system. Capitalists are in constant competition with each other for profit, and in order to win the race among themselves; they deepen exploitation under this anarchic form of organization of capitalism, they do not consider nature as an “input” and does not take natural phenomena into account. The climate crisis that we are going through which is dragging humanity towards an unknown future -if we have a future at all- is an important truth in terms of understanding what we are talking about. 

Besides this catastrophe, there has been a serious increase in cement shares on the stock and the prices of various vital items needed in emergencies such as blankets have doubled. All of these are an example of how capitalism works usually and a perfect example of why we need to get rid of this system and can no longer tolerate it. 

Undoubtedly, our world will experience disasters and lose lives without capitalism. But capitalism can never rationally organize humans’ relationship with nature -on the basis of the possible compatibility of human beings and living beings in nature- and instead of relieving unnecessary/avoidable sufferings, it causes more, and embodies powerful potentials for greater horrors. The rising possibility of the 3rd World War that we are facing today is just one of them. 

Now we must get down to the streets and mobilize for all of our souls in need of help. All financial, moral and physical aids are important for saving every life and providing the necessary assistance to the injured. What is more important is that this system can be uprooted so that such suffering does not occur in this country nor in any other geography. REVOLUTION is the only valid and real way for humanity to save living beings and put an end to all the crises caused by this system, including the climate crisis that our world is going through. 


Let’s Get Over This Disaster with Solidarity All Together! 

Let’s Send the Disaster of Capitalism to the Dumpster of History All Together! 


The New Communism Collective of Turkey 

Yeni Komünizm

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