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Potential of a New World and Hope Inside of The Rubbles

Only 4 days have passed since the earthquake happened. In the earthquake zone people are desperately trying to save lives from the rubbles regardless if it is their relatives or not under the influence of the perishing cold and the shock wave of the destruction. The ‘’state’’ that has been breathing down their neck with its ‘’almighty’’ power does not exist this time. The people who are running this country and the tyrant state are not helping people but all they can think of is how they can stop revoluotinaries, progressives and Kurds who are going to help the earthquake victims. Especially while Twitter has become a network of help for people who are under the rubbles; the regime narrowed the bandwidth of Twitter which directly means to convict people to death but nothing more! Here or somewhere else in the world this system and the state apparatuses of this system’s existence is not for protecting the interests of humanity. On the contrary the existence of this system is constantly putting the people, nature and the living beings under danger and taking this danger to the edge of existential levels. 

But despite the tyranny and cruelty of this system we are not alone! From all over the world, hearts of people start to beat for the victims of the earthquake. People who do not know each other, even people who do not know the existence of a city named Elbistan in Kurdistan, started to mobilize for ways of helping. 

From all over the world people started this mobilization not just economically but physically as well for the victims of the earthquake-in that instance also means victims of the state. Thousands of doctors, nurses and all sorts of healthcare providers started to go to the earthquake zone without even having the necessary equipment nor the infrastructure. When the Red Crescent (Red Cross in Turkey) asked for blood donations, tens of thousands of people ran to the blood donation centers and filled up the blood supplies. After a call from the social media by the Union of Translators for helping the foreign rescue teams, translators from around the country filled that need within minutes. From different parts of the world, students who most of them live with scholarships send 40-50 Euro’s from their pocketmoney to the zone that has been hit by the earthquake. While the CEO’s of billion dollar companies continue to work for the ‘’development of the country’’ while playing the ostrich; their workers who are working with the minimum wage of 8500 Turkish lira (440 Euro) are collecting money hand in hand with. In Bursa (a big industrial city) worker’s of a factory made 24 hours of shift, sewing blankets in order to send it to the earthquake zone. Doctors are trying to save lives despite the aftershocks. Tens of thousands of people from different parts of the country are trying to go as volunteers for search and rescue. In big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir seeing people with parcels on their hands going to help points became something normal. You are seeing people from different generations, sexes, genders trying to pack parcels and putting trucks together without an ‘’identity’’. An eight year old kid sent his favorite soccer ball to the earthquake zone. We are witnessing that some brave people are entering the damaged buildings despite the obstructions by authorities and saving animals from there. Taxi drivers, autobus drivers, truck drivers are mobilizing to send aid from different parts of the country. People of neighboring provinces of the earthquake zone are opening their doors for people who are left in the streets. Some night clubs closed their venues saying it’s not the time for having fun and instead they are going to the zone for help. Artists, actors/actresses and craftsmen are doing fundraising not only on social media but sometimes directly from going to the zone. Our comrades told us that while they were collecting supplies for the zone, people that they did not know gave money to them in supermarkets according to their budget. And a kid, a 13 year old kid, has been rescued from the rubbles after 48 hours with his bird inside of his palm. Regardless of the heaviness of death that kid did not let his bird go, they survived together. And those things are just some parts from the bigger picture. 

The ruling classes and thinkers of this system tell us non-stop that humans are ‘’selfish by nature’’, that ‘’competition is human nature’’ and that human nature is unchangeable. And they continue by saying that’s why capitalism is the only suitable system for humanity and the best way of implementing this system is democracy. So that the people who are ‘’bad by nature’’ who are ‘’greedy’’ by nature will be limited by certain laws and that everyone will be equal under the law. But what they are telling us is completely false and in one part it is a popular legend. They are false because as Marx pointed out: ‘’Human nature is the nature of fluctuation.’’ People act and think differently under different social relations that have emerged from different ways of production. The social relations and ways of thinking that are related to those relations become chains in the minds of people and always make their presence noticed. But if people will understand that the conditions we are living under are not necessities, if their consciousness changes so their material life will change. So that there is no given human nature that is ‘’absolutely bad’’. This is a popular legend because the capitalist system that surrounds the globe is based on inequality itself and is pumping that all the time. In that situation a basic example is that the most -not only- damage that has been caused by the earthquake are the zones where the basic masses are living. Poorer people are waiting desperately while more well-off classes can exit the town quickly.  

People are not bad by nature, there are conditions that make people bad. The conditions dynamize and put under influence people’s thoughts, way of thinking and ideas. On the other side the same conditions are emerging: the consciousness and necessity of getting rid of this monstrous system that causes such unnecessary pain.  

Everyone who has a bit of heart is mobilized now. This mobilization is not only in Turkey/Kurdistan but it has already passed beyon the borders. People are mobilized not because of ‘’gaining followers on social media’’ as trolls of the regime are saying but for saving lives and helping the victims. This effort, this daringness and this sacrifice is necessary for binding up our wounds but also it has a strong potential for the necessity of changing the world on a radical basis.  

For humanity, for the world and the living being who lives under; there is a hope, a hope which has a scientific basis. If people can get out of the damned political atmoshpere a little bit; they would see that their daily errands, their ‘’overwhelningness’’, their career plannings, social isolations and individual exhaustedness are not absolute. They can change themselves in order to change the world. People can change for the revolution so they can transform those conditions for the revolution. They can build the New Socialist Republic with the perspective of a world that does not have exploitation and oppression, by ovethrowing this system with the basis of a scientific hope. Humanity is obliged and capable of doing this! 

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