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What Do We Need Urgently Today and What Are The Ruling Classes of This Country Doing?

Two major earthquakes, one after the other, have affected hundreds of thousands of people, not only in this country but also in Syria. While thousands of buildings have collapsed and aid has not even arrived to many of them yet, the death toll in Turkey/Northern Kurdistan has unfortunately exceeded 20,000 and in Syria 3500. The numbers are increasing rapidly as the search-rescue from the rubbles continues. The sanctions of the imperialist powers against Syria deepen the current disaster. This earthquake is one of the biggest earthquakes not only in this region but also in the world.  

As we have metioned in our previous statement an earthquake is a natural disaster, but the system we live in and how potential disasters affect humanity and other living beings is entirely related to the way society is organized. We can still lose a lot of lives due to many factors after a natural disaster in a system without capitalism. However the orgaization of the capitalist system; its form, the social relations, does the exact opposite of bringing humanity in harmony with other living beings and nature. Capitalist product relations-socialization through the gain of private property- impose a politicial structure and a social organization dominated by this political structure. The great and terrible sorrows humanity faces are all rooted into the organization of this system!  

The fact that some people are now taking advantage of this disaster to increase the prices of the goods they have on hand – which are usually the basic foodstuffs we need to live – is not the “isolated” approach of a few “unprincipled” people. What is constantly pumped into this system is the notion that every crisis is an “opportunity”. Yes, the “petty” calculations over the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people are inherent to the functioning of this system, not the result of some people losing their “humanity”! Of course, not everyone has the same approach, but what needs to be understood is that in this system there is a very strong dynamic in which people have to ruthlessly rise above others in order to get to the top. 

We need to state clearly that even if what we are going through now, this unbearable suffering imposed on us, is based on the functioning of a system, the main culprit is Erdoğan and his Islamist/Turkist fascist regime that has been evolving and advancing for 20 years. Erdoğan, who maintains this system of oppression and exploitation, who leads it relentelessly for its continuity,who stands at the top of the system is the main culprit. And this truth is not only limited to the earthquake. The deadly oppression of the Kurdish nation, turning this country into a capitalist supplier paradise, the conditions of intense exploitation and oppression and sucking the blood of millions of people under said conditions and death of hundreds of people in workplace homicides and for the hundreds of sufferings that could be added to the list sees Erdoğan as the main culprit. Because Erdoğan is the strongest and the most ruthless protector of this system and the regime within it here. 

“Dissident” ruling classes (Kemalists, social democrats, bourgeois liberals), who have been criticizing and feeling uncomfortable at one level or another towards Erdoğan’s regime, never emphasize on how this system works and what it leads to. They defend the belief that capitalism is the best system for humanity, and it’s form of governance is “democracy”. They defend that power can be “controlled” by the people though various means-the parliament, independent judicial system, civil society organizations- in order to prevent its “corruption”. But the sharp truth is, you cannot take “control” of the fundamental mode of operation of the capitalist system. In a capitalist system, “free” capitalist enterprises are in constant competition with each other, and if they do not grow, they are swallowed up by other large entrepreneurs. As Marx put it, “this order is ruled by disorder”. In short, the “opposition” ruling classes of this country who criticize Erdoğan, and yes, to one degree or another, are uncomfortable with him and the values he represents, are candidates for ruling the SAME EXPLOITIVE apparatus of exploitation and oppression. Even if the way and method they want to do it – the regime – is different. 

Erdoğan has declared a 3 month state of emergency in the provinces. Afterwards he made his common threats. Said he was keeping track of names. Said he would hold people accountable. This regime and its leader only asks for accountability and always attacks under the umbrella of “victimization”. They claim they are the “victims” while thousands are dead, and a thousand more are trapped under debris. With the same vindictive and vengeful manner he wags his finger, says they will “do whats necessary”. What does he actually do? There still is no help that’s reached to thousands of buildings that are collapsed, still no signs of machines that are needed for excavation and people are trying to help by their own means. Earthquake shook cities enveloped in darkness come nightfall and all the efforts-if there are any- come to a halt. Thousands of people have to survive the bitter cold and hunger, when they try to find their fundamental supplies in stores they get depicted as “raiders”. Thousands of volunteered doctors; wait desperately to help as there are no medical supplies. Erdoğan, on the other hand closes down the stock exchange as a prelimenary measure, his ministers boast about how production was not affected, does not even call the Mayor of Hatay (one of the cities that was devasted by the earthquake the most) since he is not a part of the AKP (ruling party), arrests journalists, paints the image of a “state that reaches everywhere” through its partisan media, and mobilizes all its oppressive tools of its state to make sure its reputation is not stained. Erdoğan threatens and contrary to what is being said, Erdoğan actually “does his job” to the fullest! Even during times of crisis, he does not shy away from showing that the state is an oppression tool for the ruling class. 

Thousands of lives are underneath the ruins,thousands of injured are waiting for help, and hundreds of thousands of people are trying to survive in the outside during winter. As revolutioniaries we have to fulfill this urgent responsibility, and mobilize to save as many lives as possible. In conditions like this, even one hour is of upmost importance! Another fundamental truth is that, it is possible for another world where humanity and other living beings do not go through such unnecessary suffering. This can only come alive through an actual REVOLUTION, through cutting this system from its roots and by advancing to communism worldwide. This type of world is not only possible, but also mandatory and desirable. If you wish to rid the world of all this filth, contact us. Become strict followers of New Communism-like us, which Bob Avakian built and is leading. This is the only basis and life-affirming truth for the possibility of emancipating humanity.  

Just like how Bob Avakian Said;

“We have two choices: either, live with all this -and condemn future generations to the same, or worse, if they have a future at all- or,

make revolution!” 






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